What is "Another Paradise"?

Another Paradise is a blog on belonging, simple as that. But what you see today has absolutely evolved,even though its core foundation has remained the same. 


In May 2014, I was about to graduate high school and wanted a way to document all that was about to happen. "An MK Thing" was the innocent musings of an extroverted idealist, and my writing were to continue in this way until I forgot my password a few months later, whoops ;)


As I left my island home after graduation, "Another Paradise" was born, and "Facing America after Finding Home" became my mantra (on and off the blog).  Writing became my outlet as I fought to adjust to American culture after 3 years of living in (and falling in love with) Papua New Guinea.


While I didn't share most things on the internet, I wrote to find peace. I wrote because writing requires my full-attention, and when I'm writing, nothing else seems to matter.   


A lot has changed since then, and it's safe to say this blog has grown with me. While "Facing America" is no longer my obstacle,  it was a truly valuable season of my life, and it paved the way for "a blog on belonging".  


Now, I write about Place in the areas that pertain to me today-- adulthood, marriage & living amidst transition.

I hope you enjoy it! If you do, please like & share!

With Love, 

Meliah Apa

The heart behind it:

Life is awkward and belonging is complicated. Finding home is the beautiful disaster and never-finished byproduct of being fallible & finite. 


This is exactly why I created this blog in 2014, in fact. It's now become a record of the most difficult transitions I've faced so far, and what a blessing it is to continue to do so. 

The purpose of it:


  1. To inspire, inform and advocate on account of being human, and deeply loved by God.

  2. To provide a resource for  belonging, hope and a love beyond condition. 

let's be friends!

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