My Little Sunflower

December 13, 2019




My little sunflower --

You dance in the wind.

You sing when it showers. 

You stand up tall, 

only a little afraid of the shadows.

A brave young sprout,

Grown to withstand the weather.

May your golden-yellow top never dim -

not even in the fall. 

Your stalk as mighty as ever 

And come to think of it, not even that small. 



My little sunflower--

Though you are as precious as can be, 

I am just one gardener, 

Your seed, I did not sow,

Nor am I a harvester.

I didn't find you til you were half-passed two!

And my roll, though important, is not meant to last forever, 

Every morning, the Sun- a little bit glum- hands you over to me, 

" Look after her. Please keep her safe.  I'll be home as the stars glow.

That's when Moon takes over, 

And I can, at last, watch my little girl grow."


My little sunflower --

When the sun sets, and your mama comes home, 

Your face lights up, as bright as the Sun's loving fire.

You giggle and squeal, but be careful! i'm jealous.

...kinda can't help wish I was planted in the same place you were rooted. 

Though I pray my little ones someday remind me of you, 

God knew you fit best as a Miller, 

and I, one very blessed care-taker. 

Thank you for letting me be apart of your world for awhile, 


my very sweet, little sunflower.



With Love, 


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