September 16, 2018



In between the details

A secret that stitches

The best day into our hearts forever—

Across a proud father’s chest

Behind a nervous groom

And in the train of a bride

In the middle of every portrait


Extra special dance

Very first kiss



These are the threads

Thin and breakable alone

But this bond

forever keeping

Two flags



These are the threads

For our very best days

— and the ones that won't be.



Absolutely extraordinary

Two worlds 

Made one


As you may have guessed/heard already, I (finally) got to marry the love of my life, Michael Apa 😊 August 4, 2018 will forever be our favorite day, and oh boy, what a ride it's been ever since. 



“A little over a month ago, I was like a princess in the middle of a fairytale, but now I’m his queen, usually wearing sweatpants and sleepy eyes…and I wouldn’t have it any other way” - my Instagram.


In case you don’t know our story, we were high school sweethearts who met and fell in love in paradise, Papua New Guinea. He’s an island boy, Moresby-born and raised in Goroka, and I was in-country as a missionary kid. We started dating right before graduation, said the hardest goodbyes of our lives, did the whole long-distance thing, and beat it by both of us “accidentally” transferring to Liberty University in within a semester of each other in 2016. We’ve almost gotten married a billion times, and none of them would have been as perfect as 08.04.2018, the day we finally said “I do”. After a cross-country move (with Jack & Penny, our two cats) and our honeymoon, we live and love in the Pacific Northwest. We’re just a couple of kids, madly in love,working hard, and looking to plant some roots in the Inland Northwest.


 a sneak-peak of a few of our honeymoon adventures


As we settle into our routines, we are starting to realize what an incredible thing we did, choosing each other.  For the rest of our lives, we are one person, making decisions, pursuing God, (someday) having babies, serving each other, waking up next to one another—it’s a pretty amazing thing.




Our lives are in pretty fluid motion right now, and there's a whole lot of unknowns. But as we figure out all of these moving pieces, we are learning to lean into each other and to compliment one another on the small, good things we do each day. We are discovering that both of us are stronger than we think, and more capable than we expect. 


As we continue to establish our new life here, I want to document my thoughts on being a new wife, living in a "new" place, and establishing roots wherever we end up in this life. In the meantime, here are a few pictures of where we've been since we've been married and the adventures we've had already.


Pig Out, 2018 // We went out to go on a date, but we stumbled across the summertime food fest of the PNW instead. Greatest stumble ever. 

There was no way we were going to spend a whole lot of money on an entertainment center. We spent a total of $28 and 10 minutes putting this together. All we need now, is a couch. Aha.  



After a 40 hour road trip, this is what the kitties did as soon as we welcomed them into our little home for the first time.




For those of you who know about the adventures of Micah & "the blue cart", you know how big of a deal it was that we found it ;) 


"Frito": the outdoor cat with a fancy for our youngest (indoor) kitty, Penny. We're not sure where he comes from, but everyday --without fail--  he shows up and shows off for our baby girl. Jack can be found outside the frame, growling.




 Our first date as husband and wife was a trip to the movies for Incredibles 2, but Denny's was the second, one night of our honeymoon in Sioux Falls, SD. 


That's all for now!

Thanks for reading. 


With Love, 

(the new) Mrs. Meliah Apa

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