the nest you made

May 13, 2018




The strength inside you 

The courage

The grace 

Your quiet sacrifice


I just hope I get to be like you someday. 



I love you more

with every day I get older

Every day

There's a lesson I didn't know before

And with each one of them

I realize just how important

you are to the person I am becoming.




You raised me to see the good in people

and you taught me to fight for what I believe in

You taught me to see the world with kindness and compassion

and you taught me how to pursue anything and everything I loved

You taught me what helping people 

is the greatest joy life can offer

Freely given, your heart and time 

has shown me the power of sacrifice.


You kept me close to home

To your chest, you held me close 

With my ear close to you heart

I felt the vibrations of your words 

Reverberate into the deepest part of me. 

At the end of everyday, 

No matter what

You were there

Loving me

Not a lot of people I know 

Can say that about their moms 

But you were there, Mom. 

Thank you. 




And for 18 years and nine months 

You held me

And easier than ever it would be 

To keep me there. 

I was a spitfire

But you could have kept me

Close to your chest

Your words of love and guidance the only thing

My ears ever hear.



But when it was time

for me to leave 

the nest you so perfectly knit together 

with strings of love and lessons

branches of compassion 

and grace 

you stood at the edge of it all

kissed me goodbye 

whispered one more lesson 

I'd learn the hard way later on

and carefully nudged me out 

into the world of

Whatever Was Out There For Me 

not really knowing how I'd turn out 

if i was actually cut out for this

not knowing what sorts of hurts would catch me 

or how deep the cuts would run

or if I'd take care of them as they heal

or how many times I'd come running back to you in tears

or if I'd come back at all


And yet 

You stood at the edge of that nest perched

And watched me spread the wings and chase




because that's what you told me I could be

You watched me clumsily

and probably dangerously

make my way through the air you'd never touched before 

a world you hadn't carefully crafted 

a life you didn't fully know anymore

and you let me learn

about the air

the earth 

the love inside of it 

and the hate

the complicated 

and the easy 

(if there ever is any of that one, anyway)

the stuff you tried to tell me before 

and the stuff you wished I'd never see 


And if I ever needed you 

to come back to the home you so knit 

I could 

because you were there

and I knew 

that even though I'd left

You never ever stopped loving me. 



So Mama Bird, 

Thank you for this life you gave to me 22 years ago. 

Thank you for holding me tight 

Thank you for letting me go (with a little love kick to the backside)

And thank you for never leaving me 


You are so much

of the mother

and woman

I want to be one day,

and with each passing day,

I come closer to understanding just what it took for a person 

To turn out to be a mother like you. 

So thank you to the life you lived too, because 

without that you wouldn't be you 

and I like this version best. 


I love you Mom. 

Happy Mother's Day. 




With Love, 

Meliah Michael


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