10 Things About My Life I Have Not Told My Grandmother

June 24, 2017



A grandchild never knows how bad she is as updating family or communicating much of anything at all, until she gets the "Are you alive? Please answer yes or no" from both sets of grandparents (in quick and adorable succession). 


So this is for you, my Nana and my Granny. I hope you enjoy this abridged and only slightly exaggerated version of my life the past couple of months.



This is probably not the best thing to start out with but, well, I resigned from my hotel job mid-April (I think).  I really appreciated my front desk & housekeeping position at Extended Stay America, and honestly, it was one of the best real-world experiences ever. But I was working almost 30 hours a week in pretty high-stress environment and as a student with a 17-credit hour course load, I needed to reevaluate my actions. I am thankful for this experience, the people I have met, and the lessons I have learned. And hey, now, I am a pro pillow folder. So I mean, totally worth it. 



I finished my junior year at Liberty University, and I could not be more proud of the institution I am receiving my diploma from next May. Despite some weird twists and turns this school year had to offer, I muscled my way onto my school's the Dean's List for the second time.  (This totally makes up for the "hey so your first grandbaby quit her job" thing, right? No? K, Moving on.) 






I moved out of my first apartment, and successfully moved into my second. There was a few bumps in the road initially, like, for instance, there was no wifi for awhile and then a few days later, the power shut off completely, and my room was covered in black/yellow/red stains. But honestly, everything but the stains have been taken care of, and I adore my roommates. I love the location, and the neighborhood is quiet and there are lots of things to do in the area. I cannot wait to show the place off to you soon (in a video, I hope). This will happen once I get my life together , call the carpet cleaner, move everything out of boxes and organize the giant mountainous heaps currently barricading my closet. 




I almost took a trip to South Africa. But then, a tiny little tug on my heart told me not to, and thus began the best and most unforeseen summer of my 21 years of existance. 



I celebrated my 21st birthday with my favorite people. One of my closest friends (aka. Michael's sister) has a birthday close to mine, and we were whisked away "secretly" (I found out where we were going because I'm nosy, and also our car broke down the first time we tried to go, so they had to let people know-- but still, the next part is the cutest thing you'll read all day). Apparently, everybody at the lake, a few of our good friends and Michael had organized a surprise birthday party for the two of us. There was cake and streamers and a happy birthday sign--- and it was the coolest.  





Our car broke down (on the way to our not-so-secret surpise birthday party, in case you missed it). Also, PS, we name our cars so do follow:


Felicia: my beautiful baby, and also the Nissan Sentra I'm borrowing from my parents while I'm in school. She was not the car who experienced any issues on this trip. 


Scarlett (Johansson): Michael's new-to-him car, and our newest addition to our lil' family. She is a 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse, and unfortunately, after we pulled over for gas, her engine refused to turn over. Her starter quit, and after a brief stint on a tow truck, she sits in the parking lot of my apartment complex, waiting. There are also some documentation issues that we are dealing with here as well. Prayers appreciated. We just sent off our (final?) packet of information to the DMV, and we hope to receive communication from them within the next few weeks. It's been a long journey, folks. We hope that this is the end of it. If it isn't, and you know of anyone trying to sell their car, please let us know. Thanks!






Our car broke down (on the way back from the not-so-secret surprise party, in case you thought it was over). It was Felicia this time, popping a tire. But thankfully, Michael and our friend Mary, switched out our bad tire for a Mickey Mouse, and we made our way to a nearby tire place. Anticipating the cost of a whole new tire, an ignorant and inexperienced Meliah almost started crying in the middle of a Mom and Pop tire store after being handed a bill of only $20. God's good graces, ya'll.





I was accepted into an internship program with my church, Gospel Community and I started this incredible 2-semester journey on May 22. It's a dream job I never saw coming and I love going to work every morning. I am helping develop and create material for children's ministry department Monday - Thursday mornings, and I help with the set up, tear down and I help teach the elementary students on Sundays from 7am to about 1pm. The enviroment is an inspirational, encouraging and challenging one, and I get to craft everyday. Literally, the coolest job ever. 





A mentor of mine has asked me to help out with her philanthropic ministry, Designs for Living. Right now, I am working as a photographer for a number of events she is hosting throughout the summer. So far, I have documented a family reunion, a missionary family fundraising event and a luau. Though I am struggling to gain confidence in this field, I am rounding out my resume and I am learning valuable lessons in photography and photo editing, often from the people I meet at these events. I am also acting as a social media manager for her ministry's Facebook account. She has said that if I prove myself in these roles, there will be more opportunities to follow-- and boy oh boy, my excitement is equal to my nervousness. 






I have spent lots of time at the lake. Mostly because my mentor lives there, and my position at Designs for Living has me bouncing back and forth from the lake and Lynchburg. But my time there is wonderfully split because of a couple of the coolest kids in town; a handsome lil' stud at 5, and a sassy little princess at 3 have been staying there for the past couple of weeks, living it up with their grandparents who also so happen to be my mentor and her husband. Investing in these kids have been the second biggest blessing of this whole crazy season so far, only bowing to the first,  watching my boyfriend, Michael, interact with them. Seeing him perfectly embody the caregiver and the protector I have always dreamed that my one-day-husband would be to our one-day-babies, has definitely brought me so much joy (and pride too, hehe). 



Well, you've made it, grandma. 10 things I haven't told you have just turned into 10 things I have. I want to sincerely apologize for not communicating sooner, and know that I have always meant to. I miss you so much, and I cannot wait to hug you again. I hope this informs you well, encourages you much, and is a confirmation that your oldest granddaughter is in fact, not dead. 


See you soon, grandma.




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