Be Humble. Be Hungry. Hustle Hard.

March 6, 2017

Today, I have chosen to do something a little different this week. Don't worry, next Sunday we'll be right on track with These Wings devotionals, but this is something I have felt led to share all week. As many students have either just made it through, or are right in the thick of things with mid-terms, I thought I would share some notes on a motivational speech that was given by Mike Breen at Liberty University's convocation a few weeks ago. 




He encouraged us to remember the following phrases throughout the remainder of our college experience, and all the way through the rest of our lives, career and otherwise. He then, told us what each phrase means as a hard-working, passionate Christian in the workplace. 


Be Humble. Be Hungry. Hustle Hard. 



You know that humility is about others, you've heard "sharing is caring" since you were old enough to throw a tantrum. But humility is also finding the intersection of your abilities, between your passion and your strength. There are the beautiful cross-overs, where your passion is your strength, and you can do the things you love also knowing that you are where you are most effective. But sometimes, in every person's life, there are moments when passion and strength are polar opposite. 


I may be passionate about music, for example. I sing to my shower head, in my room, and in the car in the middle of traffic. Loudly, too, of course. I even listen to all the best songs on Spotify (I mean, there's definitely no bias here). But my passion here, is much different than a strength. If I were to think that music was a strength of mine, I would be horribly mistaken --and your ears, dear reader, would bleed.


Take note, then, that this is also true on the argument's flipside. Say that I have spoken in front of a number of people on a couple of occasions, and in my opinion, they were okay and even fun at times, but definitely not something I would see myself pursuing in the future. But then, someone approaches you and asks if you would consider speaking to a couple hundred students about a topic that is incredibly important, but outside of you comfort-zone. You have the choice to either say yes to stretch, or no to potential. Somethings will be presented to you in this way, but should never even be considered, simply because acting out of your comfort-zone does not make you a courageous man; but courage is built when acting out of your comfort-zone is matched with discernment and honesty. 

By saying "yes" to the things you never saw coming, you are opening two of the most important doors of your life: trust in God and growth.

By saying "no" to the things you know you can't handle right now, is giving other the same opportunities. 



Knowing that, despite your all your victories and overcomings, you have yet to arrive. Always be on the look out for new things to learn. Write stuff down. Be attentive. Pursue knowledge, not status. Curiousity will elevate you. Daily, make the decision to learn. You don't have all the answers, but knowing how to ask strong questions, will get you one step closer. Successful and effective leaders will never stop learning, they will dial in on a specific place they want to be , personally or corporately, and begin acting as if they have already obtained it. If you clean floors for a school, but someday want to own your own business, you start your training now, so that when the opportunity presents itself, you will be ready. You show up on time, you go above and beyond, you work the hardest. You invest in people's lives.

You strive for greatness in the position you're in at this moment, not in the hopes of being noticed, you strive for greatness, because excellence is earned, never given.

The development of a strong, incomparable work ethic could be the reason you are where you are today. 



Christians should be the best at whatever it is we do. Our standard is God -- our power is God. Our leadership, as well as the way we follow, needs to reflect Christ's model. As the church, we have a nasty tendency to produce some of the corniest media out there, but in reality, we have the most powerful story to tell.



Just because it's Christian doesn't mean it needs to be crappy.




Stand out with excellent movie, music, design and education because that is the way God intended it. He created His people as creatives, artists in reflection of His creation. Everywhere we go, we need to raise the bar of excellence. Ambition drives you. Purpose gives you a reason. Find greatness and accomplishing the extraordinary through the indescribable power of the God's glory. Instill hope in a world festering in torment. 


Hopefully, this inspired you enough to make it to Spring Break, if you're already basking in the greatness of vacation, it will give you the drive to finish out the semester strong. 




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