These Wings

January 23, 2017

An introduction.


972 days ago, life was different. Obama was still president, Justin and Selena were still dating, the Cubs hadn't won another World Series, gay marriage wasn't legalized and I was still in high school. 


And yeah, okay, so I just compared my high school experience to several historical shifts that would  soon set all of the media (and the world) on fire. But I mean. Anyways.  


On June 2, 2014, ten wide-eyed and passionate young women sat around a long wood table signing a bunch of journals that were given out by two of our favorite mentors. Food, family and laughter surrounded us that night as we celebrated our journeys thus far. We were all from different places-- not one of us were born in the same city-- huddled around each other halfway across the world, soaking in the moments before our lives would change forever. 


We were in Papua New Guinea then, just two weeks shy of our graduation date, and if you have read my blog before, you know that that tiny little island paradise is the place I will always call home. We were preparing to leave not only our high school behind, but many of us were saying goodbye to friends, family and a home we weren't sure we were ever going to see again. 


Early on in high school, my classmates and I were divided into small groups so that we would have the opportunity to grow with the same group of girls, under one common mentor, as we venture our way through those crazy adolescent years. This was one of the very last nights before we all went our separate ways.


Brief Side Note: The community group I was apart of had two mentors over the years, and equally awesome, they both spoke truth to me at different seasons of life. These strong and fierce and godly women have the character I hope to emulate in the future. I am incredibly grateful for their wisdom, hospitality and grace. Their relationships with their spouses, their mom-hood, their fire for God, were all things I hope to one day reflect in my own home. I look back at this now, and know that they were both God-sends, because their words challenged me, and encouraged me, and they are ones that I still remember to this day. 



This is the journal I received on that very special night 972 days ago. This little book has been with me through the very hardest times of my life, and my greatest victories. I have taken it to all but a few of the church services I have attended over the years. Inside are the messages and prayers of 23 churches and 15 pastors from 3 different denominations. All scattered throughout one of the most confusing and liberating times of my life, these are some of the stories that got me through, and I pray that they will do the same for you. 


Join me every Sunday through a series I'm calling "These Wings", as I reflect on the words God chose to teach me over past two and a half years. 


With Love, 





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