• I graduated with a Strategic Communications degree from Liberty University in May 2018. I was never going to work in my field directly (marketing, PR, social media management, etc), but I wanted to learn how to tell great stories so I could be best equipped for what I believe to be my calling:  

  • I hope to return to Papua New Guinea-- the island where my husband is from & where I was a missionary kid for three years-- and tell the stories of the children, specifically those ostracized from their communities because of HIV/AIDS, to motivate and inspire global support. One day, I hope to establish a safe haven for kids of all ages, and use the business and ministry model in other aspects of the PNG and third-world marketplaces.  

  • I am passionate about business an the doors it can open for developing relationships with people. Be on the lookout! I am working on several projects behind-the-scenes that will honestly inform, supply and advocate life in Papua New Guinea! 

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